About Us

Front Range Minerals spawned from very humble beginnings. We spent many long hours hauling loads of "pay dirt" down various creeks and mountain ranges, to find that there was more dirt in our buckets than pay. We spent weeks moving thousands of pounds of material from one place to the next. More dirt and minerals ingested than any physician would recommend. Dirt and quartz in all sorts of places. Walking away with nothing to show for our efforts, minus the giant grin on our faces.

After a couple years of practice, knowledge, and immersion we still move thousands of pounds of material from one place to the next, with seldom anything to show for it. But that feeling when we do hit it, keeps us chasing. Our mission is to translate that passion for digging into this store of ours. We hope you feel as enthusiastic about our rocks as we do.

If you're in the neighborhood, come check us out. We are located just north of Pikes Peak in Woodland Park,CO, our shop is nestled in the middle of town, off of Hwy 24. Otherwise, enjoy our selection through the screen you're reading this on. If you are looking for something in particular, but don't see it, let us know. We just might be able to find it. And as always, we offer 100% natural and unadulterated goodness.